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As our journey continues we honestly couldn’t be happier to have you all on board with us, walking through our visa process together until we are together permanently, some of you have read every blog from the beginning so thank you and we hope you continue to stay. 

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A British Spring

A British Spring


Well howdy pals, its spring! Another day, another month and another day closer until we close our long distance gap and what better way to share with you all some of my favorite scenery moments throughout it! I’m not even sure which flower is my favorite to choose from this spring, I think many people across the blogging network are loving the peonies which I’ve not had a chance to purchase just yet.. I know.. I gotta. But how do you choose between tulips which can I say are in like 54 different colours and pretty pink peonies, honestly what a hard choice especially as Trevor will agree, Pink is my all time favorite colour, no matter what day, season or mood.. pink, pink, pink and then you end up standing in the store for a while deciding which flowers to get when let’s be honest all you really want to do is buy the whole flower section, no? 

I felt like I wanted to share a special moment with you guys.. this time last year Trevor was over here with me in the UK and he got to experience spring and summer, we went for many walks which we loved, saw many flowers and got attacked by hundreds of wasps.

It’s the little things you remember and one that I thought about this morning was that where we were living in our apartment was a large area of open land for you to explore and take a dog for a walk (although we still don’t have our golden retriever) it was lovely to just spend the evening together and go for a walk, we came across many passages and part of the land had a hidden tree swing which hung above a stream (definitely teenage scout built) I was totally scared and multiple times Trevor stood at the bottom ready to catch me haha, but it was so much fun and I would definitely do it again. 

Far to many of us.. I’m one of them, are spending so much time with our heads down in our phones or to busy to realise the world around us, did you see that flower up the road? no? Take a look the next time you’re out. At the moment I’m loving going for spring walks, leaving my phone at home and taking in the mother nature. Another thing I’m doing at the moment (purely because I don’t have a car but purely because i’m trying to be healthy lol says the one currently munching some cake) is bike ride to work, but I’ve discovered things i’ve not discovered before whilst driving and I’m appreciating the nature a lot more now then I did. So take the time. 

Sadly, recently my granddad passed away, he loved gardening and was always out there sunday mornings cutting the grass or planting flowers when I turned up at his house. And one of the them are these beautiful purple flower clematis that always lit up every year on the back garden fence. Now every other sunday I attend the house these remind me of what a happy place the garden was for my granddad. Take a look at the flowers below. 


Check out some more pictures below of spring! 



So happy Spring! Make the most of it because before you know it summer will be here! Happy June! 🙂


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Something Happened on our Hike…

It’s time for another blog friends.. a very exciting blog actually that we are so excited to share with you guys! So let us explain to you what happened on our very cold, windy, snowy, slippery, couple trips up and down hike, sound interesting? Read more below friends.

Myself and Trevor had planned to take a hike up one of the mountains locally to us, as the views up the top of the mountain are definitely worth the hike. Before we set off on our hike we had stopped off at Walmart to buy a SD card in Trevor’s new 4K Ultra HD mini camera, after we got that we set off to the mountain, as we began our hike we took the difficult route up, I myself was wearing Nike trainers and Trevor was wearing some boots, my nike trainers were super slippery on the snow as they do not have much grip to them (note to you all – wear suitable shoes during a hike with snow on the ground). 

Just as we are about to reach the very top of the mountain Trevor remembered we had left the camera in the car.. (whole point of going to Walmart first was to get the SD card ready to take some pictures at the top) so off we go back down the mountain to get back to the car to get the camera. On the way down my shoes took a turn for the worst haha and I actually slipped down one set of stairs, embarrassing.. I mean no one saw apart from Trevor standing behind me, still I always think it could have been worse, anyway I was fine and couldn’t wait to reach the bottom to get this camera. 

As we finally got back down to the bottom of the mountain we got the camera and set it all up. We headed back up the mountain (safe and sound) yay! haha and admired the most beautiful view! Definitely my favorite place in Michigan. After taking many photos of every angle possible (See pictures below) Trevor set up the camera where he sat it down on a step so we could have a picture together and record us with the view in the background, little did I know why he had properly set up the camera.. He got down on one knee.. and popped the question. I’m over the moon and very excited to announce..

we are engaged! 🙂

My ring is beautiful.. we had gone ring shopping together recently and I had pointed out the ring I loved, which is the actual one he had bought and this was purchased from Kohls. So let’s show you all some pictures below. 


Ring was purchased from Kohls







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Birthday Celebrations! :-)

Birthday Celebrations! :-)

So we have been very busy the past couple of weeks and with not long to go until I have to return back to the UK after my 90 day ESTA spent in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan USA we are trying to get as much crammed in as we possibly can. With a recent small vacation to Minnesota where we spent some time together.

Trevor’s birthday was April 3rd! He turned 23, so we had some birthday celebrations! It was lovely for us to celebrate his birthday together as we never had the chance too last year. He had the day off from work which was nice and we got to meet up with his family and have a meal to celebrate. Trevor’s mum is great at baking and made some great cupcakes! Below you’ll see some presents that he received from myself and his family.


Ripped Hoodie – Forever 21 – $19.90



Underneath the ripped hoodie is a tee that is one of his favorites to wear because it’s comfy and fits well these are available to purchase in a variety of colors from

Urban Outfitters – $28.00


(Image taken off the Urban Outfitters website)


His favorite underwear is Ethika in the MicroMesh collection because they are soft and comfy, I bought him these as his birthday gift so he currently has the grey pair as well as black, available to purchase in a variety of colors!

Ethika – $28.00


(Image taken off the Ethika website)

Sadly my time comes to an end in Michigan next week on Thursday 13th where I have to travel back to the UK as my 90 day ESTA comes to an end and we have to be away from each other again for a while before I can finally come here permanently and spend the rest of our lives together, but we will explain more on our next blog!

So keep your eyes peeled for another blog after this one to explain what’s next!

Positive Mind, Positive Vibes, Positive Life!



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Love Trev and Jess



Winter In Michigan! 

Winter In Michigan! 

Hello Everyone!


Are we off to a good start into 2017? Or are we still slowly getting over the Christmas break? Back into reality and already trying to shed the pounds from those large Christmas dinners and all that chocolate? Oh yessss it starts again people, has anyone perhaps achieved one of there New Years resolutions already? Have you started your resolutions? I’m sure what ever you’re doing is heading in the right direction so keep going friends and let me know in the comments below how you’re doing so far!

So yes so far my year is definitely of to a great start! As you’ve been reading from my previous blogs, you’ll know that I was going to Michigan to spend some time with my boyfriend Trevor and.. I’m officially in Michigan!  Yay! I couldn’t be happier right now, spending time exploring the beautiful state is exactly what I planned to do and especially with my favorite person. It’s so lovely to be back with him, we spent two months away from each other which felt like forever. He lives in America and I live in the UK so you can see the struggle it’s been, but we’ve been strong and we are making it work. Trevor spent six months with me in the UK and I’m currently visiting Michigan for three months, I’m loving every minute, the next stage is to look at visas to see where we go from there as to living with each other permanently. We definitely can not wait to spend our future together, so a lot of exciting things ahead. 🙂

As you can tell by some of the pictures you can see some of the spectacular views I have been lucky enough to visit so far. Below you can see the beautiful transformation from water to ice, we visited an Ice cave and we went inside where yesss! we were sliding all over the place because even the floor was Icy, so much fun! It was a remarkable view to see the color differences between the icicles too. Let me know if you have seen something similar to this? maybe upload some pictures so I can see. 

We also went snow tubing! It was so much fun, sitting on the tube and laying across the tube to see how fast we could go down the slope, I’ve done this before in the UK but without snow so I wasn’t nervous to go down it but this time I rode down the hill on snow, so much more fun and a lot faster! Hey, sometimes it’s fun to let yourself go and let your inner childishness out haha. Take a look at the view from the top of the snow tubing hill. In front you’ll see the huge lake which was covered with thick ice, what a spectacular view, one of my favorite photos.


I just wanted to share with you guys some of the beautiful spots I’ve been lucky enough to explore so far, admiring the beauty of nature, something you do not get to see every day in the UK that’s for sure. I encourage all of our readers to get out there with your loved ones and appreciate the little things in life you come across. 

So also whilst I’m out here, I’m getting to try out some new sports (winter means > winter sports) Trevor has been teaching me how to snowboard.. I’ve had two lessons so far and it’s safe to say I definitely need more practice haha, I’m not too bad but I’m still trying to learn to stop myself with my board instead of falling over haha, hey it’s all fun and games and I’m loving it. 


I’m learning how to snowmobile, oh my gosh people, I love it haha. I’m not sure what it is exactly but I think I just love how fast it can go and you can practically do anything through the snow. Trevor is great at snowmobiling and I’m not just saying that because he is my boyfriend haha, Over all I’m not that bad but I’m still not 100% confident with riding over bumps super fast without having great control over what I’m doing, but hey I’m learning and I’m sure with a few more tries I’ll master it. I also want to learn more tricks, I can now stand up whilst riding so I’m getting there. Below you can see Trevor’s snowmobile.



I have just realized how much I’ve rambled on haha, but I guess you can tell I’m loving every minute being out here and being able to spend every moment I can with Trevor. I’ve even been able to try out new foods but I can tell you this in another blog.. another day haha.

I hope you have enjoyed today’s blog, please give it a like if you did, maybe even a comment too and if you have extra extra extra time.. why not go ahead and share it. 

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London —> Michigan – Lets pack!

London —> Michigan – Lets pack!

 London —> Michigan 

Hello Everyone!


Welcome back to another blog from Trev n Jess.

So as most of you know, I’m in London and Trevor is in the USA so finally! Tuesday I’m off to Michigan to see Trevor! I’ll be out there for 3 months so it’ll be nice to spend some time with him and as well his family, I also can’t wait to do some blogging about the state. Eek! I’m so excited, so many mixed emotions at the moment it’s a little overwhelming but It’s not long now! can I get a whoop? haha.

And! I’m taking you guys along with me! Don’t worry! You’ll get to see some lovely pictures and hear about what we are getting up to!

If you have been to Michigan before or live in Michigan please feel free to list some tourist places in the comments and I’ll see how I get on visiting them.

So far I have packed pretty much most of my suitcase, I’m only taking one suitcase and then my handbag, which I think will be just enough, but by the time I’ve completely packed it.. that answer may change haha. Below are a few things that I have packed so far, things like (More winter clothing and little things like deodorant and little essentials I will be purchasing when I get there and things like towels and flannels I am able to use their) also guys please let me know if there is anything major I haven’t mentioned/shown for what I’m taking.. just incase that I have completely forgotten to pack something haha, every little suggestion counts. 

Sock Dilemma: 

Below you’ll see a picture of quite a lot of socks haha. As some of you may know from reading some of my previous blogs I LOVE socks you name it, cosy socks, patterned socks, coloured socks oh yeah! So I need some help picking 10 pairs of socks to take with me, it was a hard decision and I think I need your help haha. Let me know in the comments below what socks are your favorites and I’ll be sure to pack the popular suggestions! Thank you. 

Yes I’ve made a checklist, Yes I’m adding more things to the list and Yes I made the checklist well in advance to actually going haha! I mean who doesn’t? haha.

Without further ado! Lets see what I’m packing!

  1. IMG_6608.JPG

Number 1 essential for your hand luggage or you’re not going anywhere… 

I decided to use this little bag to put my boarding tickets and passport inside, it’s really important you’re organised before going on holiday abroad so you know how to access everything easily when you need them.


2.  IMG_0869.JPG

My coat I’ll be wearing on the way to the USA, which is aligned with fur around the hood and soft warm fur on the inside of the coat to offer extra insulation. It is from H&M if any of you are interested. When I am in Michigan I will also be wearing a proper winter coat.


3. img_6619

Jumpers.. Jumpers and more jumpers! It’s Michigan in the winter! I need to keep warm haha. Jumpers are a must!


4. img_6643

2 Thermals.. I will be getting more when I get to Michigan.



Okay so here we are.. the sock dilemma! 

Yes I love my socks, Yes I probably have an addiction to buying ones with patterns on and yes I need help choosing which ones to take with me haha. Don’t worry, I’ll be buying some thermal socks to.

I have far too many and these aren’t even all of them I can assure you. Please can you list 5 or 10 of your favorite socks from the picture in the comments below so I can finally decide on which ones to take, that would really help haha.



 Toilet Bag for little essentials. (I’ll be buying more when I get to the US)


Shower scrunchie, Shaver, Makeup wipes and a body spray.



Jewelry box – I haven’t used this box in ages haha, I’ve had it ever since I was a little girl and always used to take it abroad with me. I however have a new one which is slightly bigger but I didn’t think a bigger one would be necessary and this little pink one is just the right size. (My earrings are also inside)



Jeans, Leggings and thermal leggings! you name it! I also have snow pants waiting for me in Michigan. 

9. img_6760

Footwear – So I’m bringing my new slippers I got for christmas and I’m super excited to wear them because they are furry and comfy! The boots you can see is what I’m wearing to the USA, just because it’s appropriate for the weather conditions and moving around in. I’ve just recently bought these Nike shoes in the sale! which is a bonus because I can’t wait to test them out during my exercises and power walk. I will be getting some snow boots when I get to Michigan also.




Hat and Scarf 

One of my favorite hats and scarfs at the moment! 

The list could go on haha, underwear.. tops.. and lots of other little essentials too. 

11.                                                                  Hand Luggage 

All of your essentials in one little bag in case you need them on the aeroplane! Below you’ll see what I’ve packed in mine!

  img_6772              img_6773

As you can see I’ve packed my notepad and pen (To note down some blogging ideas – can never have too many haha) I’ve got a book “snow rose” which can I say I’m very excited to read! Phone, iPad and headphones (Music). A travel toothbrush and mini toothpaste by Colgate, it’s incredibly handy actually, I don’t think I’ve spent so much time looking into to how to maneuver a toothbrush as I have done with this one haha, It folds into a little box and you can open it up when you need to use it, very handy and suitable for travel, I like to feel as fresh as possible when out and about so a quick brush would be ideal. My tangle teezer! This brush is the best! if you haven’t got it.. get it, again suitable and ideal for travel as it’s small, light and can fit pretty much in your pocket or if not then in your bag and last but not least the most important one of all or I wouldn’t be going to Michigan haha my passport and documentation for my flight. 

So I’ve shown you the main things that I’ve packed ready for my flight to Michigan, I have also packed tops to suit the winter and beginning of spring and I will be purchasing things such as snow boots, thick socks, gloves and more thermals to keep myself as warm as possible and as well as this the self-care essentials (deodorant, shampoo, showergel etc). 

So the next time I’ll be blogging.. will be.. drum roll haha.. In Michigan! 

Let me know what you thought about today’s blog in the comment section below, don’t forget to like and follow aboard our journey.

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See you on the flip side friends!

Love Jess



What Did I Get For Christmas?

What Did I Get For Christmas?

Hello Everyone!


Did everybody have a lovely christmas spent with their loved ones, eating lots and lots of food? I hope so! There is nothing better than eating chocolate in front of a christmas film whilst cozied up with some loved ones. Agree right?

What did you all get for christmas? (Let me know in the comments below!)

My Christmas was lovely, I spent it with my parents and big brother, was a little down that me and Trevor couldn’t be together for our first christmas but there are lots of exciting things ahead for us both in which we can spend some time together and many Christmases to come for the future so that’s very exciting.

Without further ado! I’d like to show you all what I got for christmas, find below some pictures and find out also where these presents were brought from.


Slipper Socks (baring in mind I did get like 9 pairs of fluffy socks for christmas.. I LOVE socks, not sure what it is haha but I have a thing for them) – Boots – Barley Lane.


Facemask – Boots/superdrug/supermarkets.


Lush – Lush shop (“Snow angel” is one of my favorite lush bath bombs along with “so white”) 

img_6315   img_6319

Yankee Candles – Yankee shop/Clinton’s/some retail shops. I love candles! I don’t think I can pick a favorite scent just yet, they are all so lovely. I did go to the bath and body works shops in Minnesota when I was over visiting Trevor, There were so many candles to choose from it was kinda hard haha, but if I go back to the store than I’ll be sure to pick one up.


Favorite perfume scent is Chance by Chanel so I was very happy when I received this because I’d actually not long ago finished my other bottle. – Boots Store.


Look how fluffy! So in love with my Barley Lane slippers! Definitely coming along to America with me. – Boots store. 


Ted Baker (Lipstick and nail varnish) – Boots Store. 

EOS – Lip Balm – Summer Fruit – Boots store. 

Baylis and Harding Shower Gel.


Pandora Charm – Pandora.

I wanted something that would remind me of the UK still for when I go to the USA, this charm will do just the trick.


Clarks Handbag – Clarks. 


Glittery Slip On Pumps – New Look. 


Jeans – Skinny – New Look.


Dollars $ For When I Go To USA This Month.


Leather Boots – Clarks.


Coat – New Look.


Beverly Hills Girl Top – Primark. 


Tracksuit Bottoms and Jumper – New Look. 

Thank You for reading today’s blog!

Please let me know in the comments below what you all got for christmas! I’d love to know!

Happy New Year To All! 

Love Jess