Simple Mother’s Day Gifts To Make

Simple Mother’s Day Gifts To Make


So Mother’s day is approaching in the USA and you’re on a budget? I get it, well I’m going to show you today that there are some really simple, easy, painless, straightforward and diverse ideas that you can create in your very own home.

Let’s start with mason jars, they are totally in trend right now and they really portray a vintage vibe. I had one in my bedroom not really doing much but sitting there all pretty for decoration staring right at me, what could I do with something like that? well look no further, pick up that jar and fill it with anything you can find, for me I went straight to the shredder and filled it with some shredded paper at the bottom for like a base as such and then you can simply place anything you find lying around the house that hasn’t been opened which could potentially be a gift, or it doesn’t even have to be a gift, here I’ve filled my jar with some nail varnishes and will call it “Manicure in a jar” your mum will love these little pamper treats, fill it with some of her favorite colors so she has a choice to choose from, choice is always good! 

IMG_7037ed    IMG_7038

Or if you do not have a mason jar at home look around for what you could have? I also found a china dish in my bedroom which was empty, perfect for filling and using as a gift! Below are a few pictures of how I have put together a little gift set involving the china dish, I found these things around my home.

Pamper evening gift! 
It’s time to wind down in the evening! Cosy socks are a MUST! 
Time for the evening pedicure!
Moisturizer pamper evening! 

So there you have it many ideas on how to simply create a mother’s day gift from home, get creative and let me know if you’ve made anything similar! If you don’t already know, pinterest has many ideas from creating candles to baking flower cupcakes, bath salts, handcrafted flower bouquets, soaps, salt dough bowls, bath bombs, light bulb flower vases, sugar scrubs and it could even be something simple as making your mum some breakfast in bed. You name it, pinterest has every idea so more inspiration go and take a look on there! 


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Love Trev and Jess




Our February Favorites!

Our February Favorites!

It’s nearly spring time! 


Hello everyone! So as we already say goodbye to February and jump into another month! which means.. more chocolate as easter really isn’t far away my friends. Do we have any favorite easter eggs? I know my favorite is galaxy chocolate egg or the Lindt chocolate and Trevor’s favorite is Lindt also. I know that ever since I was a little girl I’ve always been told the saying “Pinch Punch first day of the month” and saying “white bunny’s” before midday was always meant to be a sign of “Good Luck” coming, did anyone else get told this when they were younger? So without further ado, we decided we wanted to share with you some of our favorite things we have enjoyed using throughout February! 

Frith Apparel

Trevor has recently set up his new online clothing company and is called “Frith Apparel” he sells his own designs on T-shirts, hoodies and women’s leggings. Trevor recently gave me a top called “Nap Queen” from off his site and I’m so in love with it! the texture is lovely and you can choose from a variety of T-shirt colors, as well as this he also gave me a pair of leggings/yoga pants which I am in love with! I love them because I can use them to work out in but also to wear out and about. 

To visit his new site and get ordering visit Frith Apparel here – 





Simple makeup wipes

I recently brought the “simple cleansing makeup wipes” and after trying other wipes these ones work well for my face and clear makeup off in an instant, the wipes have a lot of moisture in and they are great for sensitive skin. I will be buying these again and highly recommend you to give these wipes a go!





Simple moisturizer 

Trevor recently brought this moisturizer and is loving it! He feels that this moisturizer does not make your skin feel oily compared to other moisturizer brands and it works quickly after putting it on after a shower, great for dry and sensitive skin.

FHD0268 copy.jpg



Estee Lauder – Double wear foundation and Concealer 

I recently got this double wear foundation and concealer by Estee Lauder as I was wanting to try a darker shade and try a different cosmetic company and honestly it’s great, it really doesn’t give me that oily look and I was really impressed at how long the makeup stays on my face for throughout the day without having to reapply, however it is on the pricey side for makeup and the foundation does not have a pump so it can get a little messy when trying to pour it out and manage the ratio for your knowing how much you will need. Overall, one of my favorite foundation and concealers. 



Snow Rose – Lulu Taylor

I recently brought this story book to Michigan with me and it’s great, the story is written well and describes the characters and story clearly, it really does draw you in and makes you feel as if you are another character hidden in the corner listening in to all of the different conversations going on around you, some parts of the story make you want to grip onto the book a little tighter. A beautiful old vintage Victorian house that hasn’t been touched for years get’s open up to Kate or shall I say Rachel, get taken through the past of the house with characters and find out what happens along the way. 



EOS – Blackberry Nectar 

I recently got this EOS lip balm in the flavor – Blackberry Nectar, it’s lovely and you can really taste/smell the blackberry coming through. EOS are my favorite lip balms and I also have Watermelon which is really lovely.  



Refresh Tears – Eye drops

Trevor’s favorite eye drops as they feel refreshing and reacts quick and feels natural so you do not get that gel feeling. 




Since coming to Michigan I love Cheetos! haha, I love cheese so that’s probably why, In the UK we have watsits which are the equivalent to Cheetos. Trevor actually brought me some for valentine’s day.



Bath and Body works – Shower gel and body lotion

I recently went to the bath and body works store and came across one of my new favorite scents in a shower gel called “Cocktail Dress” from their signature collection the scent is so nice and has a blackberry smell to it, it does leave your body smelling so nice for a while after which I love. However I believe it may have been a limited edition one because after going back into the store they didn’t have it any more. I did pick up the scent “cashmere glow” in the body lotion, which is also nice and leaves my body feeling soft and smelling lovely. This is still available to buy. 




I have been loving my new notebook! I write down all of our blog ideas and it really helps me to be organized. Love love love it! 




Suave Shampoo – Macadamia Oil – Normal to dry hair

I recently started using this new shampoo and it has a lovely scent to it as well as this it is perfect for those of you who have dry hair and needs some oil/moisture to it. Works for me so give it a try. 



4k Action Camera

Trevor recently received the 4K action camera and is loving every minute with it, taking some snaps and recording videos on day trips out. The best thing about the camera is that the wide-angle is great for when taking pictures. 

img_20170301_152820_815 img_20170301_152754_878


That is it for today’s blog! We hope you have enjoyed reading and finding out what our favorite things have been throughout February. Let us know in the comments below what things you guys have enjoyed using throughout February and we will certainly see if we can give them a try. Don’t forget to give us a like, follow and comment. 🙂



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Love Trev and Jess




What Did I Get For Christmas?

What Did I Get For Christmas?

Hello Everyone!


Did everybody have a lovely christmas spent with their loved ones, eating lots and lots of food? I hope so! There is nothing better than eating chocolate in front of a christmas film whilst cozied up with some loved ones. Agree right?

What did you all get for christmas? (Let me know in the comments below!)

My Christmas was lovely, I spent it with my parents and big brother, was a little down that me and Trevor couldn’t be together for our first christmas but there are lots of exciting things ahead for us both in which we can spend some time together and many Christmases to come for the future so that’s very exciting.

Without further ado! I’d like to show you all what I got for christmas, find below some pictures and find out also where these presents were brought from.


Slipper Socks (baring in mind I did get like 9 pairs of fluffy socks for christmas.. I LOVE socks, not sure what it is haha but I have a thing for them) – Boots – Barley Lane.


Facemask – Boots/superdrug/supermarkets.


Lush – Lush shop (“Snow angel” is one of my favorite lush bath bombs along with “so white”) 

img_6315   img_6319

Yankee Candles – Yankee shop/Clinton’s/some retail shops. I love candles! I don’t think I can pick a favorite scent just yet, they are all so lovely. I did go to the bath and body works shops in Minnesota when I was over visiting Trevor, There were so many candles to choose from it was kinda hard haha, but if I go back to the store than I’ll be sure to pick one up.


Favorite perfume scent is Chance by Chanel so I was very happy when I received this because I’d actually not long ago finished my other bottle. – Boots Store.


Look how fluffy! So in love with my Barley Lane slippers! Definitely coming along to America with me. – Boots store. 


Ted Baker (Lipstick and nail varnish) – Boots Store. 

EOS – Lip Balm – Summer Fruit – Boots store. 

Baylis and Harding Shower Gel.


Pandora Charm – Pandora.

I wanted something that would remind me of the UK still for when I go to the USA, this charm will do just the trick.


Clarks Handbag – Clarks. 


Glittery Slip On Pumps – New Look. 


Jeans – Skinny – New Look.


Dollars $ For When I Go To USA This Month.


Leather Boots – Clarks.


Coat – New Look.


Beverly Hills Girl Top – Primark. 


Tracksuit Bottoms and Jumper – New Look. 

Thank You for reading today’s blog!

Please let me know in the comments below what you all got for christmas! I’d love to know!

Happy New Year To All! 

Love Jess