A British Spring

A British Spring


Well howdy pals, its spring! Another day, another month and another day closer until we close our long distance gap and what better way to share with you all some of my favorite scenery moments throughout it! I’m not even sure which flower is my favorite to choose from this spring, I think many people across the blogging network are loving the peonies which I’ve not had a chance to purchase just yet.. I know.. I gotta. But how do you choose between tulips which can I say are in like 54 different colours and pretty pink peonies, honestly what a hard choice especially as Trevor will agree, Pink is my all time favorite colour, no matter what day, season or mood.. pink, pink, pink and then you end up standing in the store for a while deciding which flowers to get when let’s be honest all you really want to do is buy the whole flower section, no? 

I felt like I wanted to share a special moment with you guys.. this time last year Trevor was over here with me in the UK and he got to experience spring and summer, we went for many walks which we loved, saw many flowers and got attacked by hundreds of wasps.

It’s the little things you remember and one that I thought about this morning was that where we were living in our apartment was a large area of open land for you to explore and take a dog for a walk (although we still don’t have our golden retriever) it was lovely to just spend the evening together and go for a walk, we came across many passages and part of the land had a hidden tree swing which hung above a stream (definitely teenage scout built) I was totally scared and multiple times Trevor stood at the bottom ready to catch me haha, but it was so much fun and I would definitely do it again. 

Far to many of us.. I’m one of them, are spending so much time with our heads down in our phones or to busy to realise the world around us, did you see that flower up the road? no? Take a look the next time you’re out. At the moment I’m loving going for spring walks, leaving my phone at home and taking in the mother nature. Another thing I’m doing at the moment (purely because I don’t have a car but purely because i’m trying to be healthy lol says the one currently munching some cake) is bike ride to work, but I’ve discovered things i’ve not discovered before whilst driving and I’m appreciating the nature a lot more now then I did. So take the time. 

Sadly, recently my granddad passed away, he loved gardening and was always out there sunday mornings cutting the grass or planting flowers when I turned up at his house. And one of the them are these beautiful purple flower clematis that always lit up every year on the back garden fence. Now every other sunday I attend the house these remind me of what a happy place the garden was for my granddad. Take a look at the flowers below. 


Check out some more pictures below of spring! 



So happy Spring! Make the most of it because before you know it summer will be here! Happy June! 🙂


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Love Trev and Jess




Beauty Haul Essentials!

Beauty Haul Essentials!

“Inner beauty is great.. but a little mascara never hurt.” 

Find beauty in everything they said.. so I took a trip to the drug stores and picked out a load of beauty products hehe! ok ok that was cheesy, but no seriously I did, let’s not talk about the price uh oh haha but let’s talk about the products right? hell yes! 

So over the past couple of months I’ve been trying out new products and seeing what works best for me and spending time in america really allowed me to explore different stores and see what products are available! and I think I’ve cracked it, so I thought I’d show you what I got, below are all of the things I have been loving recently! 



I needed a new shampoo and have been wanting to try OGX for sometime now.. perfect time to purchase or was that a perfect time to purchase it?! well the answer was a perfect time, it works wonders on my hair, I sometimes get a mix between frizzy and dry hair and knowing this has an oil in really works wonders, it targets frizzy hair and gives it a hydrating finish.


Shop USA

Shop UK


Instead of beating round the bush I’ll just tell ya that the only main reason I brought this was because I got bikini line spots and I really wanted to get rid of them, so after much research well.. as everyone does.. searching through pinterest I came across using a shaving “gel” as before I’m not gonna lie I didn’t use anything. In case you have the same issue as me.. another tip I found useful was to shave with the grain and not shaving against it and can I say.. something worked because I’ve not had any spots since. yay!


Shop UK 

Shop USA (Pack of 3)


Purposely brought because I frequently get frizzy hair, this stuff is great and I’m not just saying that.. I apply it after I’ve had a shower to damp hair and leave it in, it works wonders. Definitely up there with one of my best beauty purchases yet.


Shop UK 

Shop USA


My only “go to” makeup wipes, I have sensitive skin when it comes to facial washes and makeup wipes so these simple sensitive skin wipes are perfect for taking my makeup off. 


Shop USA 

Shop UK


Love a good nail polish remover! (Lid is a bit dodgy)


Shop Here


You know once you’ve showered and you wanna paint your nails but your constantly procrastinating because it takes so long to dry and then your afraid of moving incase you smudge them and it’s like ALL I WANT TO DO IS TOUCH THE TV REMOTE haha, can you relate? was that not the best example? haha, well this stuff is the bomb it literally dries your nails in like 60 seconds, makes your nails a little shiny to. 


Shop UK


Recently purchased this from superdrug, thought I’d give it a try to see how much “beach waves” turn out. Anyone tried this sea salt spray yet? pretty pricey so I’m hoping it was worth the money. 


Shop UK

Shop USA



Got this because at my work I’m not allowed to wear nail varnish, this is just a clear coat but it does makes my nails shiny and at the same time strengthens them.


Shop UK

Shop USA


I am so in love with black nail polish at the moment.. I have no idea why haha. Going for that Coachella vibe perhaps. It just corresponds well with any outfit don’t you think? Anyhow I’m loving it.. I have it on right now as I type this haha. I purchased the Rimmel polish. I also love the fact that Rimmel have the 60 second drying nail polish WHAT did Jess just say?! Yes girls 60 seconds which persuaded me even more to purchase these bloody beauties.


Shop UK

Shop USA


To cut a long story short.. Trevor had this at his house and I asked him if I could borrow it. Turns out I LOVED it didn’t I! So before I went home to the UK I brought one to use as I know we don’t have this sprunch hairspray here. It’s great for your curls and locks in your hair for them breezy days. This is in my top 3 of favorite hairsprays. 


Shop USA

Have any of you tried the above products? How do you like them? What are your top 3 favorite products at the moment? ooh so many questions! haha, let me know in the comments below and maybe I’ll just have to pop to boots and purchase them. 

(I would just like to make it clear that this is no way a sponsored blog, all reviews are my own and is done at my own time.)


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Love Trev and Jess



2 Must Have Products For April!

2 Must Have Products For April!

Hi Guys! 🙂

Can we just start by saying a very big thank you to everyone who recently liked and congratulated us on our engagement post! we are super excited.

So how is everyone? comment below how you all are, we absolutely love getting to know our followers, it’s like a little blogging family! Let’s get to know one another!

So yes we are back with another blog and yes we have an exciting one! We can’t wait to share with you all this month what two products we have brought from the shop that have really stood out for us! So without any more talking scroll down to see what they are and why! 

IMG_6863     IMG_6868

So I recently bought this dream cushion sponge foundation from maybelline in walmart for $12.98 and I am absolutely loving it! So far it has lasted me a good amount of time and I will definitely be purchasing this again. At first I was unsure on what color shade to get so I went for 20 as it didn’t seem to bad in the store, the color is nice once applied to my skin but I think I may try a lighter shade for my skin tone next time. For me I preferred using either a foundation brush or a makeup sponge blender as I thought the small pad applicator is a little too small for applying foundation to your face. However saying this, the dream cushion foundation is perfect for putting in your bag whilst on the go and it comes with a good-sized mirror. Overall it is a great product for a great price! so go get it girls!



Trevor recently brought this Clearasil daily face wash from Walmart for $6.97  which is not a bad price, he is loving it and leaves you feeling really clean and fresh. It gives you a really good foam and lathers up well which means he can use less and that it can last longer. He loves the fact that you do not get a strange smell like some facial washes out there. As well as this it doesn’t dry your face out and leaves you clean and ready for the day.

And there you have it friends! two of our favorite most used products that we are loving this April! Give them a go and let us know what you thought of them to. 


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Love Trev and Jess



What Did I Get For Christmas?

What Did I Get For Christmas?

Hello Everyone!


Did everybody have a lovely christmas spent with their loved ones, eating lots and lots of food? I hope so! There is nothing better than eating chocolate in front of a christmas film whilst cozied up with some loved ones. Agree right?

What did you all get for christmas? (Let me know in the comments below!)

My Christmas was lovely, I spent it with my parents and big brother, was a little down that me and Trevor couldn’t be together for our first christmas but there are lots of exciting things ahead for us both in which we can spend some time together and many Christmases to come for the future so that’s very exciting.

Without further ado! I’d like to show you all what I got for christmas, find below some pictures and find out also where these presents were brought from.


Slipper Socks (baring in mind I did get like 9 pairs of fluffy socks for christmas.. I LOVE socks, not sure what it is haha but I have a thing for them) – Boots – Barley Lane.


Facemask – Boots/superdrug/supermarkets.


Lush – Lush shop (“Snow angel” is one of my favorite lush bath bombs along with “so white”) 

img_6315   img_6319

Yankee Candles – Yankee shop/Clinton’s/some retail shops. I love candles! I don’t think I can pick a favorite scent just yet, they are all so lovely. I did go to the bath and body works shops in Minnesota when I was over visiting Trevor, There were so many candles to choose from it was kinda hard haha, but if I go back to the store than I’ll be sure to pick one up.


Favorite perfume scent is Chance by Chanel so I was very happy when I received this because I’d actually not long ago finished my other bottle. – Boots Store.


Look how fluffy! So in love with my Barley Lane slippers! Definitely coming along to America with me. – Boots store. 


Ted Baker (Lipstick and nail varnish) – Boots Store. 

EOS – Lip Balm – Summer Fruit – Boots store. 

Baylis and Harding Shower Gel.


Pandora Charm – Pandora.

I wanted something that would remind me of the UK still for when I go to the USA, this charm will do just the trick.


Clarks Handbag – Clarks. 


Glittery Slip On Pumps – New Look. 


Jeans – Skinny – New Look.


Dollars $ For When I Go To USA This Month.


Leather Boots – Clarks.


Coat – New Look.


Beverly Hills Girl Top – Primark. 


Tracksuit Bottoms and Jumper – New Look. 

Thank You for reading today’s blog!

Please let me know in the comments below what you all got for christmas! I’d love to know!

Happy New Year To All! 

Love Jess 



New Years Resolutions – What’s yours?

New Years Resolutions – What’s yours?


Hello Everyone!

I hope all of our readers had a great christmas! and was spent with your loved ones cozied up by the christmas tree and eating that huge christmas dinner! mmm yummy. 🙂

I’m off to America to see Trevor in January! So prepare yourselves for blogs/pictures of the chilly yet pretty state – Michigan! 

So let’s talk Resolutions! Do you do it? Do you believe in a new year new start? New resolutions? same resolutions?

I know a lot of people who do it, you get the obvious and most popular which always seems to be number 1 – Lose weight. Which is true, that is my priority number 1 for 2017, but I do have some others, I know some people who believe in just following one resolution for the whole year so you get better focus at achieving it. I want to know if you guys get involved with resolutions, let me know what your’s are before 2017 and maybe we can all chip in to give each other some tips or whatever it may be to help us get on our way.

Below I’m going to list some of my resolutions for 2017, I’m sure I’ll be adding more to my notebook in the lead up to new year, perhaps little ones rather than a lot of big ones as I think it’s always best to focus on a few throughout the year as too many could get rather confusing and sometimes.. not so fun.


So let’s get started!

1. Lose weight – I do eat quite healthy already, but like most of us I do enjoy a tasty treat one too often, we just had Christmas right? I want to start exercising/working out more and exploring the different things my body can do and putting myself to the test. I’m not quite set on a goal weight just yet, but I think I’ll see where I get too. It’s about pushing myself further, sometimes if I get out of breathe I’ll stop, so I want to push myself further but also remembering to have fun with it all too. 🙂

2. I find myself saying no a lot – When I think about certain things I’ll be well up for it! But when it comes to it sometimes I can say no or during something I’ll say no. I want to push myself further, remembering things are okay to be scared off or nervous about but at the same time it’s good to push past your fears and give it a go and if you really don’t like it then you never have to do it again.

3. Drink more water – I’ll admit, I detest water, something about it and I’ve never been too sure. I think it’s because it’s too plain. I work a lot too and I’m always on the go, so finding the time to stop and drink can be a little tricky, but it is something I’ve managed to put into place at work over the past few months. I’ve tried everything from adding squash to sometimes only drinking tea because that’s the only way I’ll drink it. I will admit however I am getting better at drinking water, but I do need to sustain this.

I think those are the main Top 3 for now.. However I do have a few little things lined up if I have time I’d like to focus on.

  • Photography – Recently taken to taking pictures for my blogs, really is fun, so I’d like to take some more time taking pictures of things I haven’t been able to capture yet. (I am off to America to see Trevor, so I would love to take some pictures of his beautiful town/state).
  • Outdoor/Winter activities – In England we hardly get snow and if we ever do, pretty much everything and everyone shuts down and I’ve never had a chance to experience colder weather and get involved in something different as winter sports so as I’m off to Michigan in January, I’ll be there for the Winter season, so this will give me a great opportunity to experience there snowmobiling, ice skating, skiing, hunting etc. I’m very excited.
  • Blogging – I’ve got this now haha. 2016 I started blogging as a little something to do when I have extra time between work and I really enjoy it! I can’t wait to continue! I have many blog ideas lined up and how to work on bettering the blog site itself. Very exciting.


So there you have it! My 2017 Resolutions. 🙂

I can’t wait to give each one my best shot.

Let me know in the comments below your Top 3 resolutions for 2017.

Love Jess x


Did Someone Say Mince Pies? ;)

Did Someone Say Mince Pies? ;)

All I want for christmas

Is Mince Pies!

(No literally I do haha)




Hey Guys!

So we’re actually moving house this Thursday so it’s a little busy preparing for that and also preparing for America in January. A lot going on. So I haven’t gotten round yet to make some Mince Pies! Which for me is something I traditionally make every year at christmas! I’m sure i’ll make some when I move into the new house. But I thought i’d show you some of the ones I made last year. I’m a little unsure on parts of the recipe so I thought instead I could just explain how I remember making them, what ingredients I needed and tell you things I can remember.

So you’ll need shortcrust pasty to make mince pies, hey just a favor.. save the time and buy the ready roll stuff out, it’s great and you don’t have to spend an hour trying to let out your anger with a rolling pin. Get creative and cut some circles out for the base of the pie (cut them a little large) you want the top covering to be shorter then the base. Place the pastry into a muffin case and pop into the muffin case tins. Next!

Mince Meat! (The stuff that tastes great inside!) Doesn’t matter how much you put in really.. well with in reason, I mean put a good decent amount in, because you don’t want the sauce and everything to go over the edge and get burnt. For the top part! I always find this so fun! As you can see on mine I cut out these cute little stars in the pastry (shortcrust ready roll pastry) and placed on top of the pies How cute?! I think they look much more edible as well haha. This is the part I wasn’t sure how long I put them into the oven for, but I’m sure you can use my recipe and find out the temperature and time scale for them online. For

Decoration.. well I just sprinkled on some icing sugar for that christmas snowy look effect haha.

I hope you enjoyed this blog today, wasn’t so long and wasn’t so in depth but I think sometimes it’s better that way, just get to the point. Let me know if you enjoy eating mince pies at christmas, or what your favorite thing to eat at christmas is? maybe chestnuts? mmm yummy! 🙂

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But for now!


Top 10 Christmas Gifts For Her!

Rockin around the Christmas tree

At the Christmas party hop… tree

Ooh yes! it’s here friends!


And my smile couldn’t get bigger!

The christmas moves and music are out! Let the festivity commence!

And the countdown begin! How are you counting down to christmas? I’ve got  Lindt chocolate calendar! Is it just the UK who has christmas calender’s? My Nan usually gives me a candle to countdown with, every day you burn it down a number. I love it! (let me know in the comments below how you countdown to christmas). 

Anyway! Gentlemen if your looking for something to buy your Women this year for christmas and your a little stuck! I hope these Top 10 Gifts will give you some idea. Ladies let me know what you think of these gifts or even better! What do you want for christmas this year? (Tell me in the comments below!) 

Let’s get started!

Top 10 Gifts For Her!

1. Body Shop! Strawberry Christmas set! (Other scents available) £35. 

https://www.thebodyshop.com/en-gb/gifts/christmas-gifts/strawberry-ultimate-collection/p/p002185 essie

2. Essie! In Boots! 4 Nail Vanish’s! £20.



3. Nails Inc “Prosecco Is Always The Answer” Gift Set – John Lewis – £20.



4. Clarins Make Up Gift Set – John Lewis – £17




5. Isotoner Grey Knit Pom Pom Socks – Debenhams – £15. 



6. Ted Baker Treasure Chest – Boots – £50.



7. Charlotte Tilbury – Selfridges – £90.


DIOR J'adore Jewel Box Gift Set 100ml

8. Dior Perfume Gift Set – Selfridges – £121.



9. Naked Eye Shadow Palette – Selfridges – £38.50.



10. Clinique Gift Part Set – Selfridges – £35.


And there we have it, Top 10 Christmas Gifts for the ladies. 

Let me know if you enjoyed reading, Let me know if this was helpful.

Please comment below what you want for christmas and as well give us a follow if you haven’t already. 

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Until Next Time!