I Tried A New Facial Oil And Here Is What I Thought..

Ooh so I’m actually super excited to write this blog for you guys..(this is not a sponsored blog) I like to give you guys honest reviews and opinions on what I think about a product, so here goes.. 

Botanics Organic Facial Oil.. what do I think about it? 


So if your like me and you have dry skin then this might be worth reading..

I wanted to try something out to see if an “oil” was something that would help my skin become more moisturized and get that hydrated look, ya know?

And well.. let me tell you it’s been the best $18 I’ve spent at Walgreens so far.

Multiple things have really stood out for me..

– Softer skin

– Hydrated looking skin

– Therapeutic sleepy scent

– Makes you feel fresh

– Moisture has never looked better on my face

Just a big wow, I was actually really surprised because of how quick it starts to work, I immediately started to put this into my night-time skin care routine and I’ve never looked back. 

Before I wanted to give an honest review on this oil I wanted to give it at least a month or more to see what the “real” results were.

The price of it really isn’t bad at all, considering I only use one to two small drops nightly, a little definitely goes a long way!

I’d never actually heard of the company “Botanics” before and when I was on the hunt in Walgreens for a facial oil I came across it and two things won me across..

The fact the packaging was the best I’d seen in a while from many companies and the bottle is so cute I mean how do you say no? lol.

Not that I care for it but for you organic people.. it’s 100% organic. 

It really is up to you how you want to include this into your skin care routine but what I do is wash my face with warm water first, cleanse my face with the simple facial wash and then I apply a moisturizer, once that has dried a little I apply one or two drops of oil to my face, I massage it in focusing more onto my dry areas (sides of my nose and my forehead). 

Now I’m not saying you need to run out the door and get to Walgreens to get one.. there are tons of facial oils out there that I haven’t tried.. but in my experience with a first time facial oil this one is worth looking at. 

If you wish to purchase this oil, you can here at walgreens in the USA: https://www.walgreens.com/store/c/boots-botanics-organic-facial-oil/ID=prod6346854-product

For evryone in the UK you can purchase it in Boots: https://www.botanics.co.uk/

See ya 

Love Jess


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