What I Carry In My Backpack!

Just wanted to start of by saying..

We are so overwhelmed by the amount of lovely and positive comments we received on our last blog where we told and showed you guys all about our wedding, so thank you!

So question of the day.. What’s in your bag? let me know in the comments below.

I definitely had to jump on the band wagon when I saw other bloggers talking about what’s in their everyday bag!

Something about it really excites me.. aren’t we all nosey when it comes to other people’s bags? I know when I’m out and about I often see other people with huge hand bags which let me tell ya you go girl if you’re the type to have books, makeup bags and a laptop all in your bag at one time.. I’m definitely the “only take what I might need” I just can’t be dealing with carrying that all around a supermarket or mall with me and oh how uncomfortable I can imagine that is.. maybe I’m just  complaining a bit to long here and y’all just sat there thinking “that’s me” lol, but I actually wonder in my head what’s in other people’s bags, like what else could you possibly need that weighs your bag down so much. 

Without further a do let me talk you through what’s in my bag!


I’ll start by telling you that this bag you see here is my absolute favorite bag in the world. It’s a backpack and I remember everyone jumped on the “backpack” wagon in the UK and if I’m being honest I didn’t like the look of how different it looked to a handbag, anyway the tables turned when I saw this and I fell in love with it. I purchased it from a UK store called “New Look” at the end of last year. I love the fact it’s comfortable and supportive on your back whilst trying to rock that “I just got trendy” look lol. I tried looking online for it to show you guys but I did find a similar one that they are currently selling if you are interested here below.


Pretty self-explanatory really.. what you see here is what I have in my bag lol. 

If you saw my “London to Michigan – let’s pack” blog last year you’d have seen that I packed this notebook in my hand luggage, it comes everywhere with me really, it’s a random notebook.. it contains notes and poorly drawn tables in of how many weights we can lift at the gym followed by the amount of weight we can lift lol.

I love this notebook thou, I love being out and about and coming up with a new blog idea so I’m able to jot it down in there without having to forget by the time I’m home..ya know? I plan my blogs in here, I bullet point everything out and draw silly pictures if I really need to and actually I think if you keep flipping through the pages you will get to a double-sided page where I wrote maths calculations down.. lol. 

Moving on to my EOS lip balm ball and for those who know me well I love EOS products, just the different packaging and the scents of each product really draws me in everytime, I take my lip balm with me everywhere and especially now it’s winter here in Michigan where me and Trevor both take them with us.

Ted baker purse.. I keep my money in here, it’s my favorite money purse and I’ve actually had this for sometime now, it was a birthday present from my parents and it’s still going strong. 

Tangle teezer, never know when you might get caught up in a storm and your hair get’s so knotty and weird you can’t even be seen in  public lol, who’s been there? tangle teezer for that reason people! But if I’m being honest, it stays in my handbag now, I don’t use it when I get out of the shower or for a quick brush here and there around the house, I now use a comb which is better and softer on my hair I personally feel like, basically it was time to branch out because it was all I was using and I noticed a lot of hair coming out after I brushed through it, so I started using a comb and yey love it.

Don’t get me wrong on day’s I know I’m going to spend all day out of the house I like to bring a small water bottle with me or a pack of chewing gum, If my hands are dry I like to bring hand lotion or a lipstick in case it comes off ya know? 


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  1. Your tote looks great. I was never a pocket person, but now I am. When I run errands, I put a phone in one pocket and a camera in the other. I carry my wallet. That’s it. Arthritis was the reason I lightened up. I can walk for an hour or so with no problem, as long as I am not carrying anything heavy. As soon as I lug around a pocketbook, my back hurts.

  2. Camie says:

    What a fun post! You sound very practical. I’m with you- I only carry what I consider the absolute necessities. My hubby sometimes teases me that I don’t tote enough because his mother has everything in her purse (first aid kit, nail clippers, etc.). My bare basics are a lip balm, small lotion, wallet, cell phone, gum and a small note pad and pen. So we think alike!

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