Makeup Must Haves For Valentines Day!

Valentines Day.


Ahh it’s so nearly here! For some of us that’s a great thing and for others it’s like “yo single pringle over here” lol we’ve all been there. Actually to tell the truth I used to dislike  valentines day, just purely because I don’t feel like we should have ONE day a year to prove our love.. it should be everyday.. right? anyone else agree? BUT regardless this will actually be our second valentines day together but first valentines day since being married hehe so super dorky but I’m SUPER excited.


So because I’m super excited for valentine’s day this year, I decided to raid through my makeup box and take out all of my favorite makeup at the moment, I don’t always use eyeshadow but when I do I have one palette that is always my go to,  (Naked Palette – Urban Decay) which has all the pink and pretty colors which is just perfect for valentine’s day! 


So let me show you some must have makeup that you may want for valentine’s day! 



IT CC+ Cream – I like using the IT CC+ cream on day’s where I want a little more “Full Coverage” and it does the job just so well. One thing I want to change about it is that this shade in the picture is light and I want to get the next shade down which is the shade fair just because with my skin tone I feel like It would match it just a little more better. If anyone has this cream, please agree that it has the best smell ever haha, it’s so refreshing and fruity. 


MAC (Soft & Gentle) Highlighter –  This is the only highlighter I’ve tried out and it’s beautiful! It’s one of my favorite makeup purchases so far. It stays on for ages and it really glows up the skin so wonderfully. 


Benefit Goof Proof Eyebrow Pencil – This is all I use to do my eyebrows, it comes with a brush one end and a pencil the other, it does wonders and shapes my eyebrows just the way I want them to be. 


Benefit They’re Real Mascara – LOVE IT. This is my favorite mascara of all time haha, so when I first purchased the mascara it was the “black” one, when I went back to purchase it again for the second time, they did a brown mascara so I was like hello this girl gotta try that. I LOVE IT, the trick with the brown mascara is that if you have blue eyes the brown mascara, really makes your eyes stand out. Great purchase.


Tarte Shape Tape Concealer – Great for covering my dark circles underneath the eyes whilst brightening the area up. One of my favorite concealers. 


Tartiest Tarte Matte Lipstick – I was actually given this by a friend and I would definitely go and purchase some more! This colour is so pretty and pink which is just perfect for valentine’s day.


Urban Decay – Naked 3 Palette – I LOVE this palette and I had to pull it out when I was thinking of makeup for valentine’s day, I mean look at the pretty pink colours! ahh.




Benefit Bronzer and Blush – So my favorite blush is the one you can see on here 
“Bella Bamba” its beautiful, I ran out of it completely and then when I went back to purchase it again, I was told that Benefit discontinued it and man I had a sad moment in the store. Then one christmas it was in this beautiful tin and I still have this left. I also use the “Hoola” bronzer, it’s perfect and the only bronzer I’ve ever used! 


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  1. Yes, I enjoyed this post, but not for the reason you might think. I don’t use makeup. I was happy to read about what a normal person might have in her arsenal.

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