Dear Diary – 2/5/2018

Thinking about doing a more permanent dear diary section.. maybe weekly? what do you guys think? If you like this then let us know in the comments and well do these more often.

2.5.2018 (Jess)

I mean I wrote this a while back lol.. but if I’m honest it’s a sentimental one, so I’m only just posting it now so hang in there and feel for me whilst reading it haha. 

So something happened on my journey to america, lol typical ay? It was heartbreaking actually and it certainly will be in 40 years time although I may find it a little more funny than.. maybe, I mean I’m hoping lol.

It was a weird kinda day, I felt emotional.. three reasons, I was  about to see my fiance after six long fricken months so I was so ready to cry with happiness but at the same time I was so nervous What if i forgot what he looked like? lol What if I forgot the sound of his voice? What if, what if, what if.. Silly right? I had butterflies running through my stomach at like 30mph lol, it just felt like I was going to see him again like the first time we met. 

The second reason I was emotional was because I was leaving behind friends and family in the UK I loved to start a new life in the USA with my favorite person, so that was a little hard and I think the hardest part was saying goodbye to my nan because we’d just lost my granddad back in April this year and she found it hard to say goodbye to me also and thought that not only had she lost my granddad but she was also going to lose me.. which I get how hard that is for her to deal with and that was just the hardest, how can I promise when I’ll be back when visa’s take so long to get processed and without having a job (money) to travel back and visit occasionally.. I couldn’t promise anything.

Anyway lets fast forward to 10.14.2017 which was the day I flew out to Trevor.. I had two flights, I flew from London to Iceland and then Iceland to Minneapolis where Trevor picked me up.

But my flight got a little delayed and for some reason when we landed in Iceland not only did we drive around the airport for absolutely ages (the majority of the people on the plane were panicking thinking they were going to miss their connecting flight) they decided to park our airplane the furthest away to the building as possible which then took a 5 minute bus ride which felt like an hour to the terminal, which brings me to my third and final emotional reason.. 

I was absolutely needing to pee and when I got inside the Iceland terminal I found my next gate and then I think I had about roughly less than 10 minutes before I had to board my connecting flight which was cutting it close, I just knew I had to go to the bathroom so I pretty much power walked to the bathroom, peed the fastest I’ve ever peed in my entire life, took my ring off (I take it off to wash my hands so my engagement ring doesn’t get water damaged) and yes as I was rushing I dried my hands, grabbed my bags and left FORGETTING MY ENGAGEMENT RING.

Guys I was melting inside when I was then placed onto the bloody 1 hour bus drive to my next airplane which can I say was actually longer then the first bus journey and it was so hot in their to, I’d given up my seat to an old lady and that was when I stood up and felt I had no ring on, then I was frantically starting at the women’s chair to see if I dropped it down the cracks.. then it dawned on me that I took it off in the bathroom. 

It actually makes me so angry ahh haha. The airport staff checked the bathroom and didn’t find it, I burst into tears on the airplane (thank god no one was sat next to me lol) and slowly broke the news to Trevor where I just felt awful, he brought it for me and it was my one and only favorite ring. 

So I don’t have my engagement ring anymore but I have found it available online to purchase another one, so maybe in the future I’ll get to purchase it.

And that was my entertaining, emotional story and I hope we bring a happy story to you guys next time ay? haha. 

Let us know if you enjoyed this style type of blog and maybe well continue to do these on a weekly basis

Thanks for reading! 

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