6 Homeware Items We Are Loving In Our New Home!

So in a weird kinda way I’m super excited to be discussing things that we are loving around our new home.. YES our new home! like whaaaat, I mean it’s not the most thrilling of blog posts when you think of essential items that you need but oh golly I don’t care I’m still excited haha.

It still takes me a minute to adjust to the fact this independence has hit me like a rock, marriage and our own place all at once, it’s just something I feel so lucky to have and I cherish every moment every day. 

Living together in our home is just the best thing, waking up next to each other and deciding what we want to make for breakfast and what we want to do today, it’s the little things and I’m sharing it with the best american and I couldn’t be happier. (lol cheesy) 

So as I sit in our spare bedroom typing this let me show you guys six homeware things that we love around our home. Enjoyyy!

1.                                                                  3 Shelf Bathroom Storage – $19.84



I am absolutely in love with this! it really makes the bathroom a bit more homely it’s crazy how just the smallest touches can make a big difference. As well as this I love the fact everything has a place and is just out of the way.


2.                                                                                    5 Tier Shoe Rack – $4.98




Guys did you read that correctly? fricken $4.98 I’m just speechless, great price for such great organization, everything looks tidy and i’m super happy with it, also a bonus is that it’s super easy to assemble.


3.                                          22 piece stainless steel knife set – $29.97



We love this knife set which also comes with two small chopping boards, measuring spoons and some plastic spatulas. Perfect for the two of us.


4.                                                                 Boot Tray – $9.99



And as soon as we saw this, we knew we had to get it, being in Michigan it wasn’t even a discussion we held in the store, we get a crazy amount of snow so this was definitely a great purchase, we use it everyday and avoids getting the floor completely dirty with salt but also perfect for them muddy walks.


5.                                                            Mr Coffee (12 cup) – $18.99



Really loving my coffee recently so I knew I wanted to purchase this, it’s cheap and does the job, couldn’t be happier.


6.                                                           Wedding Photo Frame


We are SO in love with this! Trevor’s grandparents have their own design sewing stitch company and surprised us with this beautiful picture frame the day before our wedding! And as I sit and type this it’s on the wall next to me, something so special and adds a touch of us to our home. 

We would love to hear from you guys what your favorite things are around your home and why. Let us know if you enjoyed this blog in the comments below, sharing it and a little like!

See you in the next blog!



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Love Trev and Jess



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  1. That was wonderful to read of your delight with things in your home. I adore gadgets, and after 53 years of marriage, we have tons of them. There isn’t much to want any more, so I try to appreciate each one while using it.

  2. Camie says:

    Congrats on your new home! How exciting and fun. We have a similar shelf unit in my girls’ bathroom and it really helps because otherwise they’d have no place for extra towels. For Christmas I was given a candle lamp and I’m really enjoying that.

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