Sunday Funday DIY!


Another day another blog! hehe.

So today we decided to make some slime for the first time! if you haven’t seen our Instagram posts of our slime then go check us out here @TrevAndJessBlogs

Ahh it was so much fun, after we decided to play a couple of games of “who can throw from the kitchen to the living room and aim the slime into the trash” lol oh and “Lets play catch with one hand” even in our early twenties it was fun I’ll tell ya.

Even if we did get the slime stuck to the ceiling and nearly broke a blind.

Want to make some slime? here is what we did below.


– Baking Soda – 1tbs

– Contact solution 1/4 tbs and (more if needed)

– Glue – 4oz 

– Glitter

– Bowl 

– Spoon


1. Pour all of the glue into a bowl.


2. Add in 1tbs of baking soda.





3. Add in a 1/4 tbs of contact solution and mix everything together, if your slime is still sticky at the touch, add more solution until you are happy.

4. Throw in as much glitter as you like to your slime! 


And there you are, that had to be the quickest method I’ve ever typed.. lol.

So simple and fun for all the family to enjoy! 

See you in the next blog! 


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Love Trev and Jess



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2 responses to “Sunday Funday DIY!”

  1. Rachel says:

    I need to make this!! You guys sound like you have lots of fun?

  2. Rachel says:

    No, sorry, that wasn’t a question!! Whoops 😊

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