Remembering To Say Thank You And Accepting What We Get At Christmas Time| Blogmas Day 3!

Blogmas Day 3 y’all! 

If you’ve not yet sang a christmas song out loud in your house.. then what are you doing? 

If your like me and have sung more than one christmas song on more then one occasion already.. then let me know what songs you’ve been singing below. 

A gift is a gift..

Whether you sit down and make something out of paper for someone or if you paint a picture, it’s a gift! 

Thought and hard work went into it. no?

I’m not gonna lie.. when I see things like “Not really what I asked for..” or “They just cut up some paper” it bothers me.. like who the blooming heck are you to judge. I guess the thing that bothers me about it.. is that we grow up into a world of where unfortunately christmas and birthdays become such a thing of “receiving a present” which don’t get me wrong it’s nice, in fact it’s really nice.. no? But what I’m more trying to get at is that if something like a snowflake out of paper that doesn’t look like it was brought from the store everyone is quick to judge, but why? and actually if you wanted to get all “sassy” lol the paper and scissors was brought from the store. 

But it’s what this world is becoming I guess and it’s horrible, it’s really sad to see. 

It’s not about the fact “They didn’t give it much thought” because actually they did.. they sat down and carved a fricken snowflake out of paper and that’s actually quite blooming hard if I’m being honest and takes up more time of wrapping a present with paper or maybe that’s just my art skills lol it’s probably my skills if i’m honest. 

But It’s not about a snowflake. I guess what I’m trying to get at is that we are in a world where we expect things from certain people and if we don’t get it or if we get something that doesn’t resemble the person people start to judge. 

Basically there is way more to christmas then a gift.

Now don’t get me completely wrong, not everyone judges. I know I know.

As blunt as this may be.. we don’t know what situation everyone is in.. even if we think we know.. we don’t always.

What I’m trying to say is.. this christmas just be happy at what you get and even if it’s the smallest thing like a candy cane made out of play dough (not sure why that popped into my head) but say Thank you!

Not sure if this made any sense.. lol, let me know if you got what I meant in the comments below and how you feel about it to!

So let’s spread the merry and joy this christmas and expect less. 

Let us know in the comment box below or even send us a quick email to let us know what Blogmas posts you would like to see this month.

See you all tomorrow for Blogmas Day 4! 


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  1. I agree- it is a time to be grateful, not greedy!

  2. I vote for gratefulness with grace. It makes life so much happier.

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