Where we’ve been hiding..

It’s nearly christmas, it’s nearly christmas, oh my god IT’S NEARLY CHRISTMAS! 

1st December.. Which means it’s Blogmas Day 1! So yes for those of you who are interested.. I’m going to try and do Blogmas this month and will only be uploading on weekdays and not weekends (weekends are the only days Trevor has off work so it’s nice to spend some time together) up until the 22nd December, so raise a cuppa Charlie and wish me luck.

First up.. let us know how your thanksgiving was below in the comment box. Any family dramas? Favorite thing about thanksgiving this year? Favorite thing you ate on Thanksgiving? It was my first Thanksgiving in America! 

So yeah your all probably wondering where an earth we’ve been hiding for the past month almost two.. okay two. 

Truth is.. if you’ve been following our journey so far you’d know we were engaged, and then we were trying to plan for a wedding 4,242 miles apart for 6 months whilst going through a visa. It’s not something I want people to feel like they have to feel sorry for us over because lol we are not the only people going through this process. But god it was one of the hardest things we’ve had to do in our lives.


All at once my visa got approved, I got my flights booked, we moved into our own house, my parents came over, I ate a crazy amount of food on thanksgiving all before we got married the day after on the 24th November. (Black friday.. are we mad? nah).

Yes haha we got married and it was such a special day, spent with family we love, everything about it was romantic and special. 

I don’t want to go into too much depth about it.. just because I want to do a whole blog post around it and we have to wait 2-3 weeks for the photographer to sort through our pictures.

My parents and brother came over from the UK to see me get married so it was so nice taking time out to spend some time with them in an area they’d never been to before and Trevor had some time off work so it was really nice to have a couple of days after the wedding to ourselves. 

So that’s where we’ve been.

We’re still settling into our new home in Michigan, adding little bits to it every now and again and I’m feeling like an actual adult can I say.. like lol I feel like I’ve grown up so quickly this past month, I’m cleaning the house, i’m washing our clothes and we just got married, not to mention the fact we’re making our own meals.. But it feels great and i’m absolutely loving it. I’m hoping to meet new people and make some new friends around our small little town!

We still have more visa paperwork to complete but we’re both so glad we get to be together permanently now. Ahh it feels so good.

Let us know in the comment box below or even send us a quick email to let us know what Blogmas posts you would like to see this month. 

See you on Monday for Blogmas day 2!

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  1. congrats on your marriage, so many exciting changes! 🙂

  2. Marioness says:

    So happy to hear you are going to try and do Blogmas! I will also be doing some specials on my blog!

  3. Congratulations on your post-Thanksgiving wedding! I’m so happy for you, and I look forward to your post about the wedding. We had a wonderful holiday. My brother, his wife, his daughter, and her house-mate came to spend one night with us. Joining us for the big dinner were our son and one neighborhood family, as well as our daughter from Denmark who was here for two weeks. I would love to know where you had Thanksgiving and what was on the menu. I hope you liked our holiday. It’s my favorite one because most Americans participate, and outsiders are always welcome. Speaking of welcome, welcome to the United States! I hope you are going to love living here. We lived in England 1980 – 1982. They were two of the best years of my life. We met the most marvelous people everywhere we went.

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