A Super Quick DIY for Autumn!

G’day! Got a bit over excited with the fact Autumn is here and well what the hell can I do  to celebrate.. Only went and created a leaf garland didn’t I. 

One of my favorite things about Autumn is the crisp rustling of leaves whilst drinking coffee in cosy socks with a blanket whilst watching tv.. I mean. 

It didn’t take much persuasion to purchase these colourful leaves whilst in the works and it didn’t really take much thinking about what I could do with them, so I decided to get to work with them straight away! 

Follow the steps below to see how I created this Leaf garland. 


You will need: 

– String/Rope (to be honest.. anything that holds the leaves together lol)

– Leaves (This doesn’t mean you need to purchase leaves.. go outside and find leaves on the                  floor and they will be just as good) 




1. Collect and assemble your leaves into a pile. Get your string at the ready and your scissors to!

2. Start by using your scissors to snip a small hole in the leaf just above where the stem is.

3. Poke your string through the hole (if you want you can tie a knot in the string so the leaf does not move, in this case I did not as the rope was sturdy enough for the leaves not to move). 

4. Repeat this process.. there is no limit on when to stop, so keep going and see how long you can make it. Take a look at mine below! 


* I put white tack onto the ends of the string so that I could put it onto the wall without         the paint coming off, this is up to you of course. You could also tie the ends to a loop           and hang them over something. 

Let us know below if you have given this a try so we can see how you got on! You can also tag us in your leaf garland pictures on instagram, we would love to see!


Otherwise all I have left to say is.. we have a very exciting blog post this week which you will see very very shortly! Eeek! 


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Love Trev and Jess




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  1. Camie says:

    Garlands are fun! Looking forward to your upcoming post.

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