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Coffee talk.. coffee talk!

It’s September! How crazy does that sound tho? the fact summer is pretty much coming to an end and autumn is approaching, madness. So how has your summer been? what have you been up to? Let me know in the comments below. 

Thought I’d do a little catch up, I like to do one every now and again, update you guys on our visa journey but not to often so I don’t bore you.. haha so as I sit here with a coffee in my hand I’m thinking about what updates I can tell you since the last time I did a catch up.. yeah remember that big burger? But I do have some big exciting news to share with you all that was quite a big stage in the visa journey.

Our visa petition got approved, it’s usually estimated to get approved between 3-5 months which is the longest wait throughout the process, but however it can take longer if they are backlogged. So that was one big sigh of relief. I remember Trevor asking me what I thought of an outfit picture he sent me through text and I didn’t click onto him trying to surprise me until he sent me the next outfit picture which turned out to be the actual bloody NOA2 approval letter. I burst into tears haha.

So we got approved on the 10th August and the next step was waiting for the NVC number, which then allowed me to schedule my medical appointment in London, basically where I get the vaccines I’ve not got that are required for the US.. and after that I was able to fill out another couple of forms and I scheduled my embassy meeting in London.

So everything is this month now and I’m really excited to finally have the process move along. 

I’m prepared as I can be.. a couple of weeks back I went into town and got my photo’s printed in different sizes that are required for the medical and the meeting. This week I’ve also managed to get my police check certificates back. I’ve also managed to get my vaccine documents from the doctor’s surgery ready for the medical appointment. One slight problem is (I really don’t like injections) I mean who does.. lol wish me luck.

It’s been an emotional rollercoaster throughout the visa process and anyone who tells you it’s going to be easy told you a lie. I’ve now been away from Trevor for 5 months and that’s not been easy, to start my granddad died the day after I got back from the USA and I really could have done with him through that. Some days I’m fine then the next I’ll have a sad day, it’s a mixed bag of emotions, trying to plan for a wedding when you’re not even physically together in person. It’s hard.. it’s been hard.. but you get through it.. as I sit and type this I’ve got a few tears, well close this distance so very soon and I couldn’t be more excited and ready. 

So there you have it.. the next update I may have for you all may in fact be “I’M MOVING TO AMERICA!” or “WE’VE CLOSED THE DISTANCE” Ooh who knew it’d be this exciting choosing a title! Guess we’ll see what title I’ll choose! 

Anyone else currently going through a visa process? Let us know in the comments below.

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