Summer reading – “Room” by Emma Donoghue – Book Review

Super duper excited to share my favorite book of all time with you! If you’ve not read room then you really should and if you haven’t watched the movie then where have you been?

I’ll be honest, I love reading, but sometimes I can get bored, I’ll put the book down and I won’t pick it up until two weeks later.. I know.. terrible because I instantly forget about the story line. 

But I got to admit something and that’s that Room has been my first “sit down” book to read, I read a bit every night (some nights not putting the book down until my eyes were sore) and by the end of the book I was not only proud of myself but bloody hell what a great written book. 

Yeah.. I had the urge to read it all over again. But then they only went and filmed the whole movie based around it five years later after the book release and I got an excited feeling “I’ve got to watch this”. 

Me and Trevor both watched it together and it was an exciting moment for me to share with him this book I’d been loving so much, Trevor doesn’t like reading but give him a movie and you’ll find him watching it. 

So what’s Room all about? 

Jack is 5, he lives with his ma in a shed or otherwise known as a prison cell as to where old nick has locked them up, ma has been there for the past seven years and jack has never stepped foot outdoors. Ma does everything she can to help Jack grow up and try to live a normal life (playing, eating and sleeping). At night Jack sleeps in a wardrobe, this is when old nick pays a visit. 

As Jack turns 5, Ma thinks of an escape plan, relying on Jack to remember and stick to it. Jack does well and they both eventually escape. Confused and shy to the outside world Jack takes in all of the surroundings, learning new things and meeting new people, it’s a whole new world now, but at least Jack still has his ma. 

When reading the story you really draw up these images inside your head and try to put picture pieces together and imagine things like, how big is the shed? what does jack and ma look like? How big and scary is this old nick? but in the movie Jack actually has long hair. So for me it was really good to watch the movie after the story to visualize and get a better understanding of how this life really was. 

Both the story and movie got me gripped to my chair. It was really captivating and had me interested for so long. 

I really recommend this book and if you’re not a book fan then watch the movie. I believe the book was an international best seller. I’ll leave some images below of parts of the movie. 

Image result for room emma donoghue movie

Image result for room emma donoghue movie

Image result for room emma donoghue movie

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Hope you enjoyed today’s blog! I certainly did. A huge shoutout to Emma Donoghue for such a great story.

Let me know below if you’ve either watched or read the story “Room” would be nice to get your thoughts of it! 

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  1. I absolutely loved this book & the movie was amazing as well! great review 😄

  2. I’ve not watched the movie nor read the book, but I’m looking forward to it cos I’ve heard a lot about it

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