My Top 3 New Beauty Products!

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How are ya all? Thought I’d do a quick little blog as I couldn’t wait to share with you all not one, not two but three of my top favorite beauty/makeup products that I have been using recently! So let’s get started and let me know in the comments below if you’ve used/using any of these products and how they work for you. 


Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil 

Err hello probably one of the best eyebrow pencils around! I couldn’t wait to try this out! I’ve heard many good reviews about it and when I got it I was jumping around like a kid in a candy store. I mean.. who wouldn’t?

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Mac (Soft and Gentle) Highlighter

I’ve been trying out many highlighters over the past couple of months from liquid products to powders but never felt that any have really stood out for me, so I decided to try this MAC summer skinfinish a go as I’ve heard many good reviews about it.. and I can honestly say it’s the best highlighter yet! It gives you such a nice peachy shimmer and really adds a radiant finish to your face. I totally recommend it! 

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Soap and Glory Pillow Plump (Sexy Mother Pucker) XXL

I can not tell you how much I have been looking for a lip plumper that “actually” plumps so if you know of any good ones then let me know below! But I have to say I have a lot of love recently for this lip plumper, strangely taste and smells nice.. could just be me.. and is well in the affordable budget of £10. Actually plumps but I have to warn you it does give an extreme tingling sensation on your lips a short while after applying. So as this one is really good for now, I’m still on the lookout for the one. If you want me to do a review with this product (a before and after lip picture) let me know in the comments below).

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So there’s my top three makeup products that i’ve recently been loving. What’s yours? Let me know below so I can try some out! 

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5 responses to “My Top 3 New Beauty Products!”

  1. I have never tried anything from MAC but I have a whole haul I’d like to do centered just around them! My favorite products at the moment are probably the Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation, the Tarte Double Duty Beauty contour and highlight palette, and an oldie but a goodie…Milani’s baked blush in Luminoso!

    • TrevnJess says:

      This is probably the second product i’ve bought from MAC, can’t complain but I wish it was cheaper ay haha. Ooh very nice, tag us in and i’d love to have a read when you get it done! Actually needing a new concealer now so I’ve braved it and spent some money on the tarte (shape and tape). I hope it lives up to the hype. – Jess x

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