A Day At London Zoo!

Howdy y’all

Had to get my inner child out and let you know I went to London zoo last Saturday.. in like the 35° heat lol, very rare for the UK so I guess we shouldn’t complain, however I did put sun cream on but obviously was having way too much fun that I forgot to reapply, so the answer to did I get burnt? is yes I did. 

Can’t complain had a bloody good time, second time there although I’m pretty sure I’ve been there many times with my school when I was younger so i’m pretty much a zoo keeper.. lol.

But no, honestly it was so good, there is so much to do there and so much to see, you never get bored even at the age of 22, even though my head nearly got taken off by a huge bird during a show lol let’s not discuss that one.

It was lovely to see children enjoying themselves in the splash park area and family’s having cute picnics and yes yes yes just like a child I totally got an ice cream and if you were wondering.. two large and I repeat large scoops did it for me, vanilla and caramel but like all tourist places.. it cost an arm and a leg.

If you were contemplating about going, I believe I paid £24.30 for an adult ticket online but on the door it is more expensive just a heads up.

And can we take a moment to notice and appreciate how beautiful these animals really are, often we can get to complacent with the outside world and not focus on the real beauty which is right in front of us, just so spectacular. 

IMG_20170617_113533       IMG_20170617_113538




One thing that really made me laugh at the zoo was that these little ring tailed Lemurs posing for pictures and looking right at us.. but two seconds went by and they must have got to shy (look below)


“No pictures please” haha. 



Black Headed Python 



Striped Zebras 

Obviously wanted to save my favorite animal in the whole wide world till the very end, actually going to be my future pet I really want a baby tortoise. Watch this space haha.



Safe to say I enjoyed my time at the zoo haha. Get out there and see what this world has to offer to us, its beautiful. 

Question for you all (Let me know in the comments below): What is your favorite zoo animal? 

Peace out. 

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  1. I laughed when you explained what the top picture was. I couldn’t make heads or tails of it because the heads were missing.

  2. Mel & Suan says:

    Going to the zoo is always fun! We have not been to one for a few years now, perhaps time to visit again!

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