Beauty Haul Essentials!

“Inner beauty is great.. but a little mascara never hurt.” 

Find beauty in everything they said.. so I took a trip to the drug stores and picked out a load of beauty products hehe! ok ok that was cheesy, but no seriously I did, let’s not talk about the price uh oh haha but let’s talk about the products right? hell yes! 

So over the past couple of months I’ve been trying out new products and seeing what works best for me and spending time in america really allowed me to explore different stores and see what products are available! and I think I’ve cracked it, so I thought I’d show you what I got, below are all of the things I have been loving recently! 



I needed a new shampoo and have been wanting to try OGX for sometime now.. perfect time to purchase or was that a perfect time to purchase it?! well the answer was a perfect time, it works wonders on my hair, I sometimes get a mix between frizzy and dry hair and knowing this has an oil in really works wonders, it targets frizzy hair and gives it a hydrating finish.


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Instead of beating round the bush I’ll just tell ya that the only main reason I brought this was because I got bikini line spots and I really wanted to get rid of them, so after much research well.. as everyone does.. searching through pinterest I came across using a shaving “gel” as before I’m not gonna lie I didn’t use anything. In case you have the same issue as me.. another tip I found useful was to shave with the grain and not shaving against it and can I say.. something worked because I’ve not had any spots since. yay!


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Purposely brought because I frequently get frizzy hair, this stuff is great and I’m not just saying that.. I apply it after I’ve had a shower to damp hair and leave it in, it works wonders. Definitely up there with one of my best beauty purchases yet.


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My only “go to” makeup wipes, I have sensitive skin when it comes to facial washes and makeup wipes so these simple sensitive skin wipes are perfect for taking my makeup off. 


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Love a good nail polish remover! (Lid is a bit dodgy)


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You know once you’ve showered and you wanna paint your nails but your constantly procrastinating because it takes so long to dry and then your afraid of moving incase you smudge them and it’s like ALL I WANT TO DO IS TOUCH THE TV REMOTE haha, can you relate? was that not the best example? haha, well this stuff is the bomb it literally dries your nails in like 60 seconds, makes your nails a little shiny to. 


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Recently purchased this from superdrug, thought I’d give it a try to see how much “beach waves” turn out. Anyone tried this sea salt spray yet? pretty pricey so I’m hoping it was worth the money. 


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Got this because at my work I’m not allowed to wear nail varnish, this is just a clear coat but it does makes my nails shiny and at the same time strengthens them.


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I am so in love with black nail polish at the moment.. I have no idea why haha. Going for that Coachella vibe perhaps. It just corresponds well with any outfit don’t you think? Anyhow I’m loving it.. I have it on right now as I type this haha. I purchased the Rimmel polish. I also love the fact that Rimmel have the 60 second drying nail polish WHAT did Jess just say?! Yes girls 60 seconds which persuaded me even more to purchase these bloody beauties.


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To cut a long story short.. Trevor had this at his house and I asked him if I could borrow it. Turns out I LOVED it didn’t I! So before I went home to the UK I brought one to use as I know we don’t have this sprunch hairspray here. It’s great for your curls and locks in your hair for them breezy days. This is in my top 3 of favorite hairsprays. 


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Have any of you tried the above products? How do you like them? What are your top 3 favorite products at the moment? ooh so many questions! haha, let me know in the comments below and maybe I’ll just have to pop to boots and purchase them. 

(I would just like to make it clear that this is no way a sponsored blog, all reviews are my own and is done at my own time.)


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Love Trev and Jess




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  2. hudapervez says:

    Love this haul, all the things seem quite interesting!
    I’ve seen the john Frieda frizz ease many times in store but never got it as most frizz products don’t do much for my hair, but since you mentioned it actually works I will definitely pick it up
    Oh and I love the cutex nail polish remover! ☺️

    • TrevnJess says:

      Aww thank you! Hopefully it works for you! I’ve tried there frizz shampoo but was a bit disappointed with the results but as for the serum I’m super happy haha. Good Luck 🙂 – Jess x

  3. Definitely need that nail spray! I always mess my nails up cause I can’t sit still 🙄

  4. Nice haul! Thanks for sharing😙

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