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Hi Guys! 🙂

It’s Monday and officially May! So happy Monday May haha! Do not ask me where the last 4 months have gone because they have certainly flown by that’s for sure.

Another exciting blog today! Catchy title huh? kinda like a repetition song! Anyone have a clue about what today’s blog is about by the title? Anyone know who Olivia Burton is? well say no more friends scroll down and find out below!

So another day older.. my birthday (Jess) falls on St George’s Day (23rd April) which was last weekend, I’m now 22 yay haha and as a present from my parents I received a watch from Olivia Burton and it is absolutely beautiful I’m completely in love with it! I’ve been looking at the Olivia Burton watches for a while now looking in Topshop and on their online store and also whilst in the USA with a recent trip to Minnesota with Trevor where we saw some that were beautifully laid out in Nordstrom. So it was a very hard decision of which one I wanted especially with so much great choice on their website. Take a look here – http://www.oliviaburton.com/ –

But I finally decided on what watch I wanted so take a look below! 🙂



I love it! In fact I don’t think there has been one time since I got it that I haven’t worn it out yet!

I just love the chalk pastel blue color and the fact it has a lovely silver edging case around the watch which was something I did want so that it was able to go well with all of my other jewelry and this watch does just the job. To purchase this watch click here – http://www.oliviaburton.com/timeless-c34/timeless-chalk-blue-silver-p719 –


And with a thank you card that came along with it, how could you not follow their social media and click the heart on their instagram pictures? I know I have been hehe!


Along with the watch came a little square booklet that features some spring bracelets, necklaces and watches!

We hope you are having a great Monday! Let us know in the comments below what you have been up to.


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Love Trev and Jess




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6 responses to “Olivia Olivia Olivia Burton :)”

  1. Love the watch! And glad you had a good birthday!

  2. Mel & Suan says:

    Belated birthday greetings!
    Enjoy the month of May, sure you will have loads of adventures!

  3. TrevnJess says:

    Thank you Mel and Suan! – Jess 🙂

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