Something Happened on our Hike…

It’s time for another blog friends.. a very exciting blog actually that we are so excited to share with you guys! So let us explain to you what happened on our very cold, windy, snowy, slippery, couple trips up and down hike, sound interesting? Read more below friends.

Myself and Trevor had planned to take a hike up one of the mountains locally to us, as the views up the top of the mountain are definitely worth the hike. Before we set off on our hike we had stopped off at Walmart to buy a SD card in Trevor’s new 4K Ultra HD mini camera, after we got that we set off to the mountain, as we began our hike we took the difficult route up, I myself was wearing Nike trainers and Trevor was wearing some boots, my nike trainers were super slippery on the snow as they do not have much grip to them (note to you all – wear suitable shoes during a hike with snow on the ground).Β 

Just as we are about to reach the very top of the mountain Trevor remembered we had left the camera in the car.. (whole point of going to Walmart first was to get the SD card ready to take some pictures at the top) so off we go back down the mountain to get back to the car to get the camera. On the way down my shoes took a turn for the worst haha and I actually slipped down one set of stairs, embarrassing.. I mean no one saw apart from Trevor standing behind me, still I always think it could have been worse, anyway I was fine and couldn’t wait to reach the bottom to get this camera.Β 

As we finally got back down to the bottom of the mountain we got the camera and set it all up. We headed back up the mountain (safe and sound) yay! haha and admired the most beautiful view! Definitely my favorite place in Michigan. After taking many photos of every angle possible (See pictures below) Trevor set up the camera where he sat it down on a step so we could have a picture together and record us with the view in the background, little did I know why he had properly set up the camera.. He got down on one knee.. and popped the question. I’m over the moon and very excited to announce..

we are engaged! πŸ™‚

My ring is beautiful.. we had gone ring shopping together recently and I had pointed out the ring I loved, which is the actual one he had bought and this was purchased from Kohls. So let’s show you all some pictures below.Β 


Ring was purchased fromΒ Kohls






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77 thoughts on “Something Happened on our Hike…

  1. Oh MY GOODNESS! I saw the ring picture and I was like NO WAY! I was like “no, another couple living together before they’re married” because you said you guys were going to spend the rest of your lives together! Very relieved! I skipped right to the part of the proposal πŸ˜€πŸ˜‰. You both are probably so excited! When’s the wedding? Congrats again!

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    1. Aww this is so cute! we love this comment! thank you so much Rachel! πŸ™‚ we are beyond excited, but are currently waiting our visa to allow us to get married so he is in the US at the moment whilst I am here in the UK, the wait isn’t so good haha – Jess xx

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    1. Yes! haha πŸ™‚ we are beyond excited, now it’s just the long wait for our Visa to allow us to get married, the distance right now isn’t so good as he is in the US and I am back in the UK, but all will end well πŸ™‚ – Jess x

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  2. How wonderful – A BIG congratulations to you both and I wish you much happiness and lots of laughter together! Wow – what a beautiful setting for a proposal too xx

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