The Beauty Of Autumn! Take a look!

Hello! It’s Jess and i’m back with another blog!.. I know I couldn’t resist.

If you read my previous blog your know that Autumn is beautiful and my favorite time of the year. I really enjoyed taking time today to capture the natural beauty that has been formed over the last few months. Some of us rush around on our daily duty from here to there getting on with our lives, but most of us don’t realize the beauty around us, come on, we can all be a bit guilty of that. Please feel free to take a look below of all the Autumn surroundings here in just one part of England.


Berkshire Strolls During Autumn


Perfect Surroundings, Autumn on a bench


Water reflections of bare trees with few leaves still remaining


I can see a rainbow.. Look at how the colors change!


Crispy, Fresh Autumn days in Berkshire, lets admire the view


what’s this?.. Mistletoe!

I’ve really enjoyed taking these pictures today, if you have also enjoyed looking at these, please give a second to like this blog and to give us a follow.

As always, back soon!

Jess 🙂 x


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  2. This is my favorite time of year and I just LOVE these photographs. Makes me feel like I need the smell of warm apple cider on the stove and warm pajamas.

  3. Eccentric Muse says:

    Beautiful photos!

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