Autumn, Autumn, Autumn!


Hello Everyone!

How is everyone doing?

Autumn (Fall) is one of my favorite seasons of the year. I love it because you get to the see and watch the leaves change colors rapidly and watch them fall from the trees gliding through the wind and it’s naturalness makes it even more beautiful. I also love Autumn because of cups of tea on cosy nights in snuggled in a blanket watching the television with a candle lit.. I mean hot chocolate and tea.. who doesn’t love that?  I love having to kind of revamp my wardrobe and it’s exciting coming up with new outfit ideas to fit the crisp autumn weather that’s now approached especially cute winter jumpers, scarves and woolly hats.

Fluffy Socks are an absolute must! I love cosy socks! I have a crazy obsession with them, I just love the fluffiness and the softness to them, I also like the different patterns haha I just love everything about them, but seriously fluffy socks this time of the year are perfect!

I’m also very excited because in just under two months time I will be moving out to America to join my partner Trevor and I certainly can not wait to experience Autumn in there beautiful country.

I recently brought a new coat, it fits perfectly for spring and autumn and i’m so in love with it. It’s also great because the color of it (Grey) blends well with all of my outfits. These are also my favorite boots to wear during the colder months, it also has a layer of soft, fluffy material inside which makes my feet really warm.


Remember Remember the 5th of November!

So today is the  5th of November and as i’m in the UK, every year on the same day we celebrate Guy Fawkes night to reflect on the plot that was to blow up the houses of parliament. Fireworks are let off and bonfires are lit to mark Guy Fawkes plot.

I hope you have enjoyed reading today’s Autumnal blog! Something a little different. Christmas is not long away!

Please share what your favorite things about Autumn are, by commenting below in the comment section, We would love to know! 🙂







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