Feeling Anxious? – How to De-Stress. 

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So today’s blog I’m going to talk about anxiety. I suffer from anxiety and I get anxious quite a lot. This isn’t something I find easy to talk about, but I’ve found out the more you do talk about why your anxious or when you are then the more it helps you to de-stress. It solves things quicker and makes you feel like your not alone. 

I get anxious easily but do not suffer from panic attacks as much. 

Panic Attack Experience:

I think I’ve always been a nervous child and from what I can remember I was on holiday once and we went out for a meal with my parents, we were waiting for the food and I just started feeling “weird” I had to go to the bathroom because I was feeling dizzy and just strange. I remember splashing my face with water and not telling my parents how I felt until I got back to the table. I walked out of the bathroom sort of disorentated and went back to sit down, I remember saying I couldn’t breathe at all. I couldn’t swallow my food at all and all I remember saying and wanting to do was to leave that restaurant and go outside for air. Finally we went outside and I calmed down which was good.

What to do when anxiety gets too much?

Okay so when anxiety got a little too much for me, I sat my parents down and just explained that everything was to much and that I can’t control my worrying, I’m anxious constantly and nothing was seeming to help as the next day i’d be the same again. I visited the doctors and was given the name “social anxiety”. I was given CBT Talking Therapies to attend once a month where I’d sit down and talk about ways to improve my anxiety and stop getting as anxious. This seemed to help. 

If you feel stressed, anxious, nervous or your constantly worrying and you can not control it.. Please contact a doctor, or speak to someone close to you. 

Calming music 

  • Sometimes when I’m out and about for example when I’m on a busy train/bus I listen to music on an app called “calm” which you can download for free, it is for people who get anxious and contains breathing excercises on. Please give this a go. 

Worry Diary

  • Whilst I attended talking therapies I was told to give a worry diary a try, every day at 7pm for 15 minutes I would write down everything that’s worried me today and think of positive things about each one I had done well, then after 15 minutes I would rip up the paper and throw it in the bin so that the worry’s have gone. 15 minutes was just my worry time. It would help during the day and stop me worrying as I would worry and think positive at 7pm. 

Please talk to someone and let your worries out 🙂 
If you have ANY questions about today’s blog, or if you would like to contact us for help, please feel free to message us, we are both always here to help someone who is suffering 🙂 

Don’t forget to be positive and smile 🙂 

Jess x


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