New Place! :) 

Helloooo Everyone! 

How’s everyone’s week/weekend been?? 

I know this weekend has been kinda busy for us! We’ve just recently moved from a shared accommodation to another shared accommodation haha. 
Well for starters.. The room where in is a lot bigger! We actually have our own sofa now to chill on ahh heaven haha. There was already a wardrobe in the room, but this morning I had the pleasure of the bar collapsing which meant so did all of my clothes haha. The bed is really comfy and we have lots of storage compartments which are useful. 

We have to share the kitchen although we brought a kettle and toaster from Argos, for our bedroom – house share hacks haha.

We have to share the bathroom although there are a few which are handy. The first day we got here we’d already gotten to know two people and discuss our life story with one of them, that made us feel at easy and made the settling in a lot easier for myself and Trevor. 

Trevor prefers our new room now because he said he can start working out in the avaliable space we have. We’ll see 😉 haha. 

That was pretty much our weekend, settling in the best we can and re designing the room to the way we want it. 

Oooh I did forget to mention!

We went out for a meal Saturday night to a pub locally, we had such nice food not forgetting the pudding! Take a look below! The millionaire’s shortbread sundae was mine and the chocolate fudge cake was Trevor’s. Proud to say without any regrets the plate and bowl was empty!

Looks yummmmmmmmy aye?!

Well that’s all folks!

Keep your eyes peeled for another blog around the corner 😉


Smile! 🙂

Jess x 


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