Saturday Cinnamon Swirls! :) 

Hello everyone!

We’re back again! 🙂

So I just found this picture on my phone that I took on Saturday morning, it was some cinnamon swirls with icing sugar on the top.

We brought the pack from Tesco and decided to give it a go! I believe it was a yellow box in the fridge department called”just roll”.

Super easy to create!

  • So we had to unroll the pack first and they popped open, it was a lovely pop sound haha.
  • Then we had to cut the log into 6 pieces and spread them evenly onto the baking tray.
  • Pop them in the oven for about 10-15 minutes and abracadabra.
  • They should be golden brown and look really yummy.
  • The pack did come with some icing sugar which you can mix with a table spoon of water and pour onto the cinnamon rolls after they’ve cooled down.

Super easy and quick to make if you want something different for breakfast and your dashing out of the door. Remember the icing sugar is just a luxury to pour on top, so don’t feel like you have to pour it on top.

Definetly give these ago guys! I’ll be buying these again! 🙂

Jess 🙂

Mwah x


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  1. Those look good enough to pull right through the screen. I love cinnamon rolls.

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