Introduced :)

Welcome back! 🙂

I’m going to introduce to you myself and Trevor.

So I myself (Jess) am 21 years old born in London but now live on the outscurts of London. I am currently living with my boyfriend who is American and called (Trevor) 22 years old. Trevor is from Michigan and was working in Minnesota for a little time.

As we have only just started this blog, we will not be sharing photos of ourselves until a little more in and settled with our blogs. 🙂

We are currently working on our plans for the future but are very happy together. 🙂

This was just a quick introduction as to who we are. We hope you follow us through our journey as we grow.

Jess and Trevor



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  1. Nice to meet you both. I’ve been reading all of your posts tonight. I’m from Michigan too, but I’ve figured you were in the UP. I am down by Detroit. I have never been to the UP. Someday, I will make it, but would rather go to London Did you like it here?
    I rnjoyed your blog so far.

    • TrevnJess says:

      Glad to have you on board our journey 🙂 Very happy you enjoyed reading our posts. ooh nice, Michigan is lovely, very scenic I really enjoyed it, I’ll be back soon when my Visa gets approved. Make sure you get yourself to London it’s lovely 🙂 – Jess

      • I would love to go there. I think you must have been in the UP. I have never been there. It must have been very snowy, compared to down here in the lower peninsula. Nice to meet you.

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